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How to join

How do I join PERi-Perks?

You can download the Nando’s Australia App from  the App Store (Apple) or Google Play store (Android) or visit your nearest restaurant where you can pick up a PERi-Perks card and visit to register.

I’m trying to register and it’s not working or I registered a PERi-Perks account however it is still showing as unregistered. Why?

The registration process is completed once you have verified your email address. Be sure to check your emails and verify your email address to complete registration. You may also already have a PERi-Perks account registered with this email address.There is a strict limit of one (1) account per member. Each account requires an independent email address.

Can I join PERi-Perks if I live outside of Australia?

Yes, you can join to keep up with the hottest news but PERi-Perks is only valid for use in restaurants within Australia.

I’m a PERi-Perks member and want to use the App and Card?

Easy – we’ve got both cases covered!


You already have a card, and you want to use the App:

Registered Members: If you registered your card online, you will have entered your email address and password. Simply use the email and password to log into the App, and start using it right away. Easy!


Non-registered Members: You have a PERi-Perks card but you didn’t register it online. Simply download the App and choose “Register with a card” during the registration process. You’ll be asked to enter your card number and verification code.


If you are already using the App and you’ve decided that you also want to use a card:

You will need to login at and click on Lost Card where you can complete a card transfer by filling in the new card details.


We’ll then send you an email to confirm that you really want to change your membership number and transfer your Points to the new card. Once you confirm by clicking on the link, you’ll be able to use both.


Just log out of the app and log in again to see your membership number refresh.

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Earning points

How do I earn PERi-Perks points?

Every time you come to Nando’s and make a purchase, simply present your card or mobile App to be scanned before the sale is finalised.

How do I know how many points I will earn?

You will earn 1 point for every $1 spent at Nando’s restaurants.


Example: If you purchase an item for $4.45 it will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar so you will receive 5 Points.


If a complimentary offer barcode is used on the transaction, points will be awarded for all other items on the transaction except for the complimentary item. Points cannot be earned on transactions where a total transactional discount is used (EG. Centre staff 10% off, staff discount, 20% full sale). 

Are my points immediately credited to my account?

Once logged in, your updated points balance should display on the Mobile App or on the website

On the odd occasion, there may be a small delay in points hitting your account.

I forgot to scan my PERi-Perks membership before buying something. Can I still have points?

Members can now go here to add a receipt to their account. You will need to enter details from the receipt and a photo/scan of the receipt. 
The transaction will then be reviewed and points added accordingly. This website page can also be accessed from the Nando's App.

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Using points

How can I redeem my points online?

You can redeem your points so long as you have registered an account and verified your email address. showcases a range of exclusive branded items and merchandise that members can purchase with their PERi-Perks points. The amount of points needed to redeem items will be displayed on each product. These products are available online only and not in Nando’s restaurants. 

How do I pay for food with points?

Using points is as simple as accumulating points. Just tell the restaurant staff that you would like to use your points to pay for your purchase. 

Simply look at the price advertised for each item, remove the last digit and decimal point. That’s how many Points you’ll need.


Points Calculator:

If an item costs $6.30, you’ll need 63 Points.
If an item costs $8.95, you’ll need 89 Points.
If an item costs $29.95, you’ll need 299 Points and so on!


To redeem points, members must have sufficient points to purchase the menu item in its entirety. For example, a regular chips costs 39 points, so a member must have at least 39 points in their account. Payments cannot be split between points and cash for items


Will my points ever expire?

Members who have not used their account for twenty-four (24) months will be contacted three (3) months before the set expiry date and encouraged to make a transaction to prevent their account from expiring. Nando’s will automatically close the account after 24 months of no transactions and any accrued points and other entitlements will be forfeited. If you’d like to rejoin the PERi Perks program, just email and we can help you rejoin.

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Where will PERi-Perks deliver to?

Delivery is within Australia only (excluding P.O. Boxes)

Can I track delivery of my order?

Yes all orders will be delivered via Registered Post (unless otherwise specified) and will need to be signed for on delivery.

Can I redeem an order for delivery to another person?

Yes that’s fine if you would like to redeem your points on a product and gift it to someone else just put their details in the delivery address.

I redeemed a product online but have not received the goods within the expected delivery timeframe. What should I do?

Please check the delivery address you provided is correct then send an enquiry and we will check delivery status for you.

I received the wrong product/size/colour or specification that I ordered.What should I do?

There are no returns or exchanges for change of mind but if you believe you received the incorrect product please contact us and we will sort it out for you.

There is a product that I would love to be able to redeem with my PERi-Perks Points. How can I get it added?

We would love to hear your suggestions, contact us with your ideas.

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How do I update my personal details?

You can update your email address, name and/or password by logging onto your account at If you need to change your date of birth please contact us with your membership number and correct date of birth in full DD/MM/YYYY format and we’ll make those updates for you. 

I lost my PERi-Perks card. What should I do?

You can collect a new PERi Perks card from your local Nando’s, just ask at the counter. Alternatively, you can download the Mobile App and use that instead of the card. Simply download the Nando’s Australia App and log in using your existing username and password.


We recommend completing a card transfer so if your lost card falls into the wrong hands, your precious points can’t be used. In order to transfer existing account information and points to a new card, your card must firstly be registered. It’s the only way for us to track which card has been lost. Once confirmed, follow these steps to transfer:


Visit and log in to the PERi-Perks account

At the top, click on Lost Card and then follow these steps:

Type in your new PERi-Perks card number found on the back of your new card

Type in your verification code (if you have a Zero, make sure you don’t put in the letter “O”)

Enter your email address and password and click “Save”

Open your email and click on the link in the email that we will have sent you to verify the transfer

Your PERi-Perks account should now display a message saying “Transfer Completed”


You will then receive a final email to confirm the transfer has completed.


I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Visit, navigate to the Log In page, and click the 'Forgotten your password' link at the bottom of the page.  Alternatively, click here to find the page.

Submit the email address you registered with and click the 'Request' button.


We will then email you with a secure link to reset your password.



Click the link in the email and enter your new password.



Still having trouble? Contact us with your full name, email address or membership number (if either is known) and we can help you with the reset.



How do you get the complimentary chips when you register?

Once you have registered online or via the Mobile App and verified your email address an email will be sent to you with full details. A redeemable barcode will be available in this email. You must make a main item purchase in order to redeem the complimentary regular chips offer (any main item from our menu excluding Appeteasers, Sides, Extras, Desserts, Drinks and Catering) Simply present this barcode at Nando’s to redeem your complimentary chips when you purchase a main item. This offer is valid for three months from date of email sent. 

My Birthday is coming up. How do I claim my complimentary meal?

If you have email verified your account prior to the start of your birthday month AND made a transaction on your account in the 6 months prior to the start of your birthday month, you are eligible to receive a complimentary birthday meal on us!


Eligible members will receive the birthday meal via an email sent on the 1st day of their birthday month. The offer is valid until the final day of the member’s birthday month and is able to be used at any time during the month (it does not have to be on the actual birthday). If you believe you are eligible but have not yet received this email during your birthday month, please ensure you check your Junk/Spam mail folders, then email for further help.


The birthday meal is a complimentary regular Nando’s meal of the following choices: regular 1/4 chicken meal or any Burger/Wrap/Pita meal. A regular meal includes one of the above main items + regular side + regular drink. The birthday meal is one time use only. 


You must present the birthday email barcode + your PERi-Perks membership + Photo ID (if requested) in order to claim your birthday meal at any Nando’s restaurant in Australia. 


Can I use my PERi-Perks account when ordering online?

Yep! Simply sign in with your PERi-Perks user name and password when ordering online and you’ll be able to earn and redeem your points. Just note that at the moment, online catering and PERi-Perks are separate so you’ll need an account for both (we’re looking into it, so watch this space!). You can however still earn PERi-Perks points for online catering orders – Simply add your PERi-Perks membership number at check out and points will be added to your account within 72 hours of order collection. 

I’m having trouble logging in to online ordering with my PERi-Perks details. What do I do?

Firstly, try performing a password reset on your PERi-Perks account, and if that doesn’t work, please contact us here with your account details, and we will resolve this for you as soon as possible.


Do all members receive the same offers?

From time to time you’ll receive personalised offers depending on what we think you will enjoy. For this reason one member’s offer may be different to another. 

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