What makesNando's so.....Nando's?

African Bird’s Eye Chilli, fresh lemons, garlic, onion, oil and herbs.
It’s our not-so-secret, secret PERi-PERi recipe that caught fire in Jo’burg in 1987. It’s what’s in our sauces, our bastings and our DNA.

Flavour first,heat second

PERi-PERi is deeply personal - it’s our Southern African spirit and always a choice - hot or not?
Look out for our PERi-ometer to help pick your flavour level from Lemon & Herb all the way to Xtra Hot!

From farm to flame

We use over one billion African Bird’s Eye Chillies every year. Which got us thinking, how can we grow them for good?

Local to Global

We’re proud to now partner with over 1400 local farmers from Malawi and Mozambique, down to Zimbabwe and South Africa, who lovingly plant, hand pick and dry our chillies.

Their family, your family, our family

We provide finance plus materials and guarantee a fair crop price, so our farmers and their families can access essentials like education, healthcare, water, energy and housing.
That’s the heart of PERi-PERi.