Country of origin

Why local produce matters

Using local produce is a big priority for us, not only because locally grown food is fresh and delicious, but it means we’re able to support Aussie farmers too! This is just one way we’re helping change lives of those around us and playing an active role in our communities.

Buying local also helps us reduce food miles, which is good for the planet. Cutting down the distance our produce travels is helping us reach our sustainability commitment to halve the impact of a meal by 2030. So naturally, it’s a big yes from us.

100% Aussie,RSPCA Approved chicken

All our chicken is fresh, never frozen and 100% Australian, RSPCA Approved and hormone-free.

Whether you’re a fan of our 24-hour marinated, flame-grilled tenders, ribs, quarter, half or whole chicken, we’re serving you tasty, 100% Aussie chicken, every time!

Local potato and sweet potato

Love our chips? Then you’ll be stoked to learn the potatoes and sweet potatoes that make our tasty, hot chips are 100% local.

Last year alone, we bought 250 tonnes of sweet potato and almost 5,000 tonnes of potato from local farmers! If you needed another good excuse to grab a side of chips with your next meal… You’ll be supporting Aussie farmers with every order. Win!

100% local fresh produce

Keen to know which veggies on our menu are local? Then you’ve come to the right place!

As well as 100% Aussie chicken, all our fresh produce is local, including the cos lettuce, mixed leaves, tomato, cherry tomato, red onion, cucumber, capsicum, avocado and pineapple that make up our delicious salads, bowls, burgers, wraps and pitas.

We’re also proud our broccolini, corn, coleslaw vegetables, and the potato and sweet potato used for our chips are all locally grown and sourced too. Delish!

AuthenticSouthern African PERi-PERi

While all our fresh produce, vegetables and chicken are 100% Aussie, there’s a star performer on our menu that’s sourced from our heartland.

A big part of the Nando’s story is the authentic flavour kick from the African Bird’s Eye Chillies used to make our signature PERi-PERi, and it’s the rich soil and fiery Southern African sun that makes our bastings and sauces so addictively tasty!

We work closely with the small-scale farmers who grow these just for Nando’s in our birthplace, Southern Africa.