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Give the gift of PERi-PERi love with Nando’s gift cards! Whether it’s a “Congratulations”, “Thank You”, “Happy Birthday” or an “I’m Sorry”, Nando’s gift cards are the way to go. Gift-wrapping chicken gets way too messy!

Whether you have a friend who loves chicken and chips or want to introduce someone to a whole new world of flavour, a Nando’s gift card would make their day. You can buy a gift card right here, right now, online or in store.

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Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions

How does the gift card work?

When you purchase an e-gift card, you will receive a unique code. This can be sent directly to the gift-receiver or forwarded through your email to the gift recipient.

The email after purchase will contain all the information to get you your tasty meals. The unique code on the email can be shown to our Nando’s team at checkout in-store. This gift card can also be used for online orders.

When Will The Gift Card Expire?

This gift card expires after 3 years so you can make sure to enjoy a good feed without the stress of expiry!

How Do I Send The Gift Card To My Friend?

Simply enter your friend’s email address and we will send them the gift card. Alternatively, you can enter your email address and then forward the email to your friend.

If you want the gift card sent at a later date you can set the time and day that you want it to be sent and let the good times begin!

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