Your local art gallery!

Next time you’re in a Nando’s restaurant, stop and look around… you’re in an art gallery!

Learn more about how we support emerging Southern African artists.

Art in our restaurants

Did you know we have the largest private collection of original Southern African artworks in the world, with over 21,000 pieces in Nando’s restaurants across the globe? That’s right!

We don’t just buy loads of art though; we also help up-and-coming Southern African artists by supporting their training and purchasing their artwork at a fair market price so they can focus on their art full-time. Many of these artists go on to sell and exhibit their work internationally, and in some cases, we commission them to create special artwork just for Nando’s. These incredible original artworks aren’t just displayed on restaurant walls, our menu covers are a work of art too!

Finding our artists

Spiers Trust

To source the amazing pieces of art for our restaurants, we work with the Spier Arts Trust, an art consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. With Spier, we also run apprenticeships for mosaic and ceramic artists and offer a creative space for local artists to work from!

Creative Block

Southern African artists who are keen to produce artworks for Nando’s have the opportunity to show us what they’re made of by creating a series of Creative Blocks. If the artwork is a hit, not only do we purchase the blocks to become a part of our art collection, but there are also opportunities for the artist to create large scale works for our restaurants around the globe!

Meet Kilmany-Jo Liversage!

Ever wondered who created the incredible artwork on our menus? Or that epic mural in our 170 Flinders Street restaurant in Melbourne? Meet Kilmany-Jo Liversage!

Kilmany-Jo is a contemporary artist from South Africa, whose work is inspired by street culture and portrait images sourced from media and social networks. Using mostly female subject matter, her artworks blur the lines between street art and fine art, deconstructing images by combining portraiture with graffiti, and reconstructing them into a bold new genre of portraiture.

Her signature artworks can be found in public and private collections in South Africa and around the world, including Nando’s restaurants!