Focus Group Terms and Conditions

PERi-Perks Research Terms and Conditions

Thanks for agreeing to participate in the PERi-Perks research Focus Group!

To go ahead, you must agree to comply with these terms and conditions (“Terms”). Let us know if you have any questions.

  1. Definitions

“Focus Group” means an online focus group conducted by Stable and Watermark for market research;

“Participant or You” means a person chosen by Stable to participate in the Focus Group;

“Stable” means Bastion Stable Research Pty Ltd ACN 627 059 643, who is responsible for selecting Participants;

“Watermark” means Watermark Research and Consulting Pty Ltd ACN 609 726 025, who is responsible for conducting the Focus Group; and

"We/Us" means Nando’s Australia Pty Ltd ACN 079 066 407.

2. Eligibility
a. Stable will select the Participants in their discretion.
b. Participants may have to pass Stable’s additional screening or eligibility criteria.

3. Payment
a. Stable will pay Participants AUD $120 (“Payment”) for successfully attending the Focus Group.
b. Payment will be made to the Participant’s nominated bank account within 10 days of the Focus Group.
c. To receive the Payment, Participants must:

a. attend the Focus Group for the whole time (as determined by Stable or Watermark); and
b. provide valid bank account details for payment to be made, within the time nominated.

4. Privacy

a. Stable and Watermark need some of your information for you to participate in the Focus Group. We will provide it to them, and they may also ask you for some information directly. This includes your:

i. name;
ii. email;
iii. PERi-Perks member number;
iv. phone number;
v. gender;
vi. residential state; and
vii. nominated bank account.

b. This information will be used to:

viii. contact potential and eligible Participants;
ix. organise and conduct the Focus Group;
x. organise Payment to Participants.
c. Watermark will ask you for information during the Focus Group, which will be shared with us and only used for market research.
d. Stable and Watermark will not use your information for future promotions and will remove your information from their system after completion of the project.
e. You can ask us to:
i. tell you what information we have about you and how we use it;
ii. correct any inaccurate information; and
iii delete or restrict the use of any information about you (however this will make you ineligible for the Focus Group).
f. These Terms can be read with our privacy policy (
g. If you have any questions around your privacy, please contact us at

5. Online Risks

We try to ensure that the platform used for the Focus Group (Zoom Enterprise) is free from viruses. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not exposed to any viruses or other code that may harm your device.

6. Tax on Payment

You are responsible for tax advice on the Payment.

7. During the Focus Group

a. If you are late to the Focus Group (for whatever reason), Watermark may not let you in, to avoid running over time.
b. If you have technical difficulties during the Focus Group, please contact Watermark on [ or 0432 677 344].
c. Participants must be respectful in the Focus Group. If you breach this:
i. Watermark can ask you to leave the Focus Group; and
ii. You will not receive the Payment.

8. Confidentiality

You must keep all discussions in the Focus Group confidential, to protect the commercial interests of those involved. You are not allowed to record the Focus Group.

9. Cancellation

If you can’t attend the Focus Group, you must notify Tiarna Henry at Stable as soon as possible by phone (02 8556 8800) or

10. Breach of Terms

a. If you breach these Terms, you must reimburse either us, Watermark or Stable for any damages, loss or costs incurred.
b. We are not responsible for any loss or damages you suffer as a result of participating in the Focus Group.

11. Intellectual Property

We own or have the rights to use the content discussed in the Focus Group. You must not copy or use this without our written consent.

12. General
a. We may decide to change these terms and conditions without telling you.
b. If any part of any of these terms and conditions are not enforceable, that part can be removed from the terms and the rest will be enforceable.
c. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia.