Delivery FAQ's

Please check below for the answers to our most common Nando's Delivery questions.

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Delivery FAQ's

I’m struggling to get into my account to place an order

My address is not showing as available for Nando’s Delivery

My order is missing items

My order did not arrive, I need a refund

I need to cancel my order

I typed in the wrong address

My order is late

I have been charged twice or more

I had an issue with my delivery person

I never received my receipt

I want to speak to a restaurant about my order

Can I pay with my points?

Will I earn Points?

Can I use my offers on Nando’s Delivery?

How do I place an order via the app or website?

Can I pick what Nando’s restaurant I want my food delivered from?

Can I place a delivery order over the phone?

What payment options do you have?

What stage is my order at?

I want to complain about the food I received

I forgot my password for my account

How do I view my order history?

Have another issue?