From recycling in restaurants, to sharing food and resources, we’re always looking to the future. So watch this space.

Keeping restaurants green

We’re proud to say ‘see ya’ to straws, and we now only use takeaway packaging and napkins made from 100% recycled materials to do our bit.

NanDonation. Cool word. Cooler cause.

Yeah ok so we get prettttty excited when we can make new words. But we get even more excited when we can make real change. So, instead of chucking our leftover chicken at the end of the day, we’ve partnered with SecondBite, an organisation that collects food headed for landfill and shares it with people in need. So far we’ve donated over one tonne of chicken – around 5,000 meals - and we’ve got 50 restaurants now participating, with more joining.

Nando's Packaging Sustainability

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