Score 10,000 PERi-Perks Points if we hire your mate!

We think working at Nando’s is pretty ace. Why? Because Nando’s really care about their people and aim to do good in the world. Plus, the food is seriously tasty, and staff get it for FREE every workday. No kidding. Do you know someone who’d love a job at Nando’s? (Is it you?!) ‘Cause we’re hiring now!

Get your mate a job andscore 10,000PERi-Perks Points!

We’re looking for Assistant Managers and Managers to join our growing family. If you successfully refer a friend for one of these manager or assistant manager jobs and they tell us you referred them, then you could get 10,000 PERi-Perks points (that’s $1,000 of Nando’s).

Our managers need some leadership experience, but don’t need to have managed a restaurant like Nando’s before. Know anyone who’d be up for it? Or are you the one we’re looking for? You can’t refer yourself for the 10,000 PERi-Perks points, but don’t let that stop you!

How it works

  1. Tell your mate to apply for one of these Australian manager or assistant manager roles (sorry, this sweet offer doesn’t apply to any other roles on our job listing page)
  2. While applying they need to say ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Did anyone tell you about this role?’
  3. If they get the job (woo!), they’ll need to give us your PERi-Perks account email linked to your account and then you get 10,000 PERi-Perk points (that’s $1,000 of Nando’s) once they pass their probation

You can refer as many mates as you want and score 10,000 points EVERY TIME a mate gets the job. Check out the terms below for the full detail!

Terms and Conditions

Between 9 September to 31 October 2021 and 1 February to 31 March 2022 (Referral Program Period) an existing and registered Nando’s PERi-Perks loyalty member who is an Australian resident aged 18 years or older (excluding current employees of Nando’s Australia Pty Ltd ABN 20 079 066 407 (Nando’s) and franchisees of Nando’s) (Member) can receive 10,000 PERi-Perks Points (equivalent to $1,000) (Points) to be used by a Member in accordance with the Nando’s PERi-Perks loyalty program (Loyalty Program) for each Successful Referral of an Eligible Friend (terms defined below) to a Manager or Assistant Manager position advertised at (Website) in a participating Nando’s restaurant in Australia (Position) (Referral Program). The Member may refer multiple people to Positions and receive Points for each Successful Referral.

The person the Member refers under the Referral Program (Eligible Friend) must:

  • complete and submit an online application on the Website for an eligible Position during the Referral Program Period and answer ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Did anyone tell you about this role?’ during the online application;
  • be successfully hired and appointed to a vacant and advertised eligible Position by Nando’s after following Nando’s required recruitment processes and practices, which may include but not be limited to individual interviews, group interviews, personality profiling, reference checks and in-restaurant training;
  • once successfully hired, provide Nando’s nominated representative with the email address linked to the account of the Member who referred them to the Position. The Eligible Friend may only provide one Members email address (even if multiple Members have referred the Eligible Friend to a Position, in which case they must choose only one Member to potentially receive the Points in the event of a Successful Referral);
  • be a new employee to Nando’s;
  • not be currently employed by Nando’s, or a franchisee of Nando’s, nor have previously been employed by Nando’s, or a franchisee of Nando’s;
  • not be a current or former franchisee of Nando’s, or a current or former director, shareholder or guarantor of a Nando’s franchisee;
  • not be the Member themselves (a Member cannot refer themselves to a Position);
  • successfully pass through the applicable probation period for the Position (which is 6-months following the successful hiring and appointment date to the Position) to be determined by Nando’s in its sole discretion (Probation Period); and
  • be verified by Nando’s, in its sole discretion, against the eligibility criteria above;

(Eligibility Criteria).

Once the Eligibility Criteria has been met in full for an Eligible Friend, the Points will be credited to the Members Loyalty Program account within 1 month of the Eligible Friend successfully completing their Probation Period. The Member will not receive communication or updates from Nando’s regarding the progress of the Eligible Friends employment, nor any information about the status or performance of the Eligible Friend in the Position, except to confirm that the referral has been completed successfully (subject to all Eligibility Criteria being met) (Successful Referral).

This Referral Program may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Points are non-refundable, non-transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit. Subject to applicable laws, Nando’s may vary, update or terminate the Referral Program or Loyalty Program at any time. A Members use of any Points is subject to Nando’s PERi-Perks T&C’s. Nando’s will handle the personal information of the Member and the Eligible Friend in accordance with Nando’s Privacy Policy.