Southern African communities

From the farmers who grow our chillies to make our legendary PERi-PERi, to the talented artists who fill our restaurants with one-of-a-kind artworks; it’s the incredible people within our Southern African communities who help us bring the vibrant culture and authentic flavour of our birthplace and heartland to life here in Australia.

Nando’s and malaria

Through our fundraising campaign called Nando’s Fighting Malaria, we’re changing lives in Southern Africa by helping fund malaria elimination spraying programs in Mozambique, where our Nando’s African Bird’s Eye Chillies are grown. In these regions, malaria claims the life of one child every two minutes and threatens the lives of thousands daily.

The good news is malaria is preventable and treatable! Countless lives, with dreams and potential, have already been saved thanks to this innovative spraying program, including our chilli farmers, their families and their communities.


PERi-PERi is the heart and soul of Nando’s. Its story is our story, and where the journey of Nando’s begins.

For centuries, the people of Southern Africa have used PERi-PERi to bring fire and flavour to their food. It’s in this rich soil and blistering sunshine that the African Bird's Eye Chilli grows to its fiery best. This is why the African Bird’s Eye Chillies we serve up in our PERi-PERi bastings and sauces are grown exclusively for Nando’s by small-scale farmers in Southern Africa.

But these special chillies do so much more than bring authentic flavour to our food; they help change lives too!

Art and design

You might be surprised to learn that all our restaurants are unique. Everything you see has been designed or hand-picked to suit the space, including pieces from up-and-coming Southern African designers.

We also have the largest private collection of original Southern African artworks in the world, with over 21,000 pieces in Nando’s restaurants around the globe.

We don’t just buy loads of art though; we also help emerging Southern African artists by supporting their training and purchasing their artwork at a fair market price so they can focus on their art full-time.