Chicken for Good

Nando's has never been just about the chicken. It's about the people who grill the chicken. Which is why we're so keen on making life that bit better for our communities. Here's some of our favourite why-we-get-out-of-bed projects.

Nando's and Malaria - The unlikely couple

They’re not two words you typically think go together. But we grow our signature African Bird’s Eye Chillies in regions where Malaria claims one child every two minutes …

Sustainabilitymeans the worldto us

From recycling in restaurants, to sharing food and resources, we’re always looking to the future. So watch this space.

Feel good music

We’re for starving artists!
Our Music Exchange workshops bring together up-and-coming talent from across the globe for collaborations and mentorships that give them the boost and the audience they need.

Art feeds the soul

Restaurant or gallery? Good question. We say both. Nando’s has the largest collection of original Southern African art in the world, with over 22,500 pieces carefully curated and displayed on our restaurant walls and menus. It means a lot to us to nurture both emerging and established Southern African artists, so they can focus on their art full time.

Bringing equality to the table

At Nando’s everyone is welcome to dine at our table. We’re lucky enough to work with over 4,000 Nandocas (that’s how we say staff), from all different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, and every day we welcome thousands of Nando’s fans into our restaurants across Australia. So we’re passionate about creating an environment where everyone feels safe and can be their whole selves.