Suppliers: Halve the impact of a meal

We’ll increase supplier sustainability to halve the impact of a Nando’s meal by 2030.

Emissions in our supply chain make up over half our carbon footprint. The biggest contribution is the produce we buy, particularly chicken. For us to have a real shot at achieving our target, we need to work closely with our suppliers to reduce the impact of the products we serve.

We’re in the early stages of our product sustainability journey but we’re working hard, researching to better understand our impact and how best to collaborate with our suppliers to significantly reduce it. Together, we can make a real difference!

The perfect storm

Global agriculture is a major contributor to climate change, and we recognise our responsibility to be part of the solution. We’re focused on making changes to the way we operate by working with our suppliers to reduce our impact.

Halve the impactof a meal

We’re going to halve the impact of a Nando’s meal by 2030.

We’re making moves to achieve this super ambitious goal by partnering with suppliers who share our vision, keen to get in on the action and be part of the solution. To get there, we’ll be putting a structured plan in place that’ll look a little something like this:

  1. Understand risks and opportunities in our supply chain to figure out where we have opportunities to make meaningful changes.
  2. Work with committed supply partners wanting to make these epic changes and join us on the journey.
  3. Measure success and feedback so we can evaluate how we’re doing and make changes to improve and keep pushing forward!

Chicken production

Coming in at 29% of our footprint, chicken production is the biggest impact for our business. This is no surprise given how many people enjoy our famous PERi-PERi chicken. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do better! With the help of our suppliers, we’re finding opportunities to reduce our footprint, and we’ll work together to make awesome progress by 2030. We’ve also introduced some seriously tasty, plant-based alternatives that are not only delicious but also more sustainable!

Sustainable food

As part of our efforts to halve the impact of a Nando’s meal, we’ve added some seriously tasty plant-powered eats made with loads of real, natural ingredients.

The star player is our award-winning Great Pretender Protein, the first high protein, plant-based chicken alternative to launch in any fast-casual dining restaurant or fast food brand in Australia. The Great Pretender can be added to any burger, wrap, pita, salad or bowl. Our latest additions to join it on the menu are our deliciously fresh Power Up Bowl, Superfood Veggie Patty and PERi-PERi Grilled Broccolini. With almost half of all Aussies now looking to reduce their meat intake, we’re stoked to bring more tasty, sustainable options to the table!