Health & Nutrition

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We’re all for making real food real good, because healthy doesn’t have to be boring! With loads of fresh and tasty menu items that are healthier for you and for the planet, including our range of plant-powered eats, there are plenty of reasons to explore our menu.

Keen to learn more about the health benefits of our food? We’ve broken it down for you, so you can grab a delicious feed that will work for your tastebuds (and your goals!)

Country of origin

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We’re obsessed with dishing up fresh and tasty food, so it makes sense we pay special attention to sourcing the best local produce and supporting Aussie farmers. The fresh veggies in our burgers, wraps, pitas and salads are all locally grown and our chicken is 100% Australian, RSPCA Approved and hormone-free. We’re also proud the potato and sweet potato used for our chips are locally grown too. These fresh, local ingredients help make your Nando’s meal so damn tasty.

Supporting our local farmers and reducing food miles also helps us reach our sustainability commitment to halve the impact of a meal by 2030.

Made fresh to order

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Did you know that your food is made fresh to order using lots of locally sourced ingredients? Our Nandocas (how we say staff) learn all our recipes including how to master the flame-grill so they can cook up your faves in a flash!

There’s quite an art to nailing a tasty flame-grilled chicken, including perfecting grill marks, keeping the chicken juicy and adding the right amount of PERi-PERi basting for that authentic Nando’s flavour. We even hold annual Master Griller competitions for our Nandocas, where the best of the best grillers from our Aussie restaurants compete against other Nandocas from all around the globe for the glory and title of Global Master Griller! Fun fact – we've even had a couple of Aussies take out the title!


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Got an allergy? Curious about kilojoules? You can find key allergen and nutritional information for each menu item on our menu, or check out our detailed allergen spreadsheet so you can enjoy a tasty feed!

If you have any allergies, be sure to check out our allergen guide before ordering.

Health benefits of our fresh and tasty menu items

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Healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Learn more about some of our crowd favourites and get the nutritional-low down so you can find a feed that tastes good and helps you feel great.

PERi-PERi Chicken

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Our chicken is only sourced from suppliers who have RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme accreditation. It’s marinated for 24 hours, then flame-grilled to perfection and basted in your choice of PERi-PERi. Order for one, to share or add to any menu item for an extra protein hit!

Superfood Veggie Patty

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The protein-rich Superfood Veggie Patty features wholesome ingredients such as tri-colour quinoa, red lentils, black beans, kale and black chia seeds as well as red capsicum, corn, sunflower seeds, spinach, carrots and chilli flakes. The Superfood Veggie Patty can replace chicken in any burger, wrap, pita, salad or paella and is basted in your choice of PERi-PERi.

The Superfood Veggie Patty doesn’t contain any animal products but is cooked on the same grill as meat products, so may not be suitable for everyone. Find out about our range of plant-based options here!

PERi-Harvest Bowl

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Created for the salad lover who craves texture and variety, our fresh and fragrant PERi Harvest Bowl is laden with the kind of nutty, herbed goodness you can’t help but tell your mum about.

Featuring a deliciously balanced base of avocado, kale, baby cos, freekeh, and roasted pumpkin, it’s topped with a cheeky sprinkling of PERi-PERi seeds, tangy pickled red onion, and a mix of our herbalicious green goddess dressing and zesty lemon Dijon vinaigrette.

Avo Parmesan Crunch

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You might think the name gives it away, but our moreish Avo Parmesan Crunch is an unforgettable dish that impresses with its bold flavours and unexpected ingredients.

Comprising a delightful medley of avocado, grated parmesan, kale, and baby cos, this salad surprises with the addition of crispy chickpeas, sesame parmesan crisps, and our creamy-yet-zingy lemon tahini dressing.

Grain Salad

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Designed to share, our mouthwatering Grain Salad is proof that simplicity is king when it comes to dinner. Featuring a mix of nutty freekeh, diced tomato, cucumber, and the herby one-two punch of mint and parsley, this must-have side is then finished with our lemon Dijon vinaigrette and green goddess dressing.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s tabouli Nando’s style. And, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a platter of our famous grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

Roasted Broccoli with PERi Crackle

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Created specifically to enjoy amongst a packed table of your most precious loved ones, this one-of-a-kind dish has but one flaw: that it’ll have you wanting to keep it all to yourself. Sorry, friends and fam.

As the name suggests, this unforgettable menu superstar is a showcase of deliciously tender roasted broccoli. But more than that, it’s a hearty vegetarian showstopper decadently embellished with a bed of whipped feta and liberal drizzle our addictive toasted PERi-Crackle Chilli Oil.