Key facts about the Superfuel Salad
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Key facts about the Superfuel Salad

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  • 1840kJ (440Cal) per serve with three chicken tenders
  • 2570kJ (614Cal) per serve with the Great Pretender Protein
  • 2400kJ (574Cal) per serve with the Superfood Veggie Patty
  • 1320kJ (316Cal) per serve without added protein
  • Packed with nutrient dense vegetables such as sweet potato, which contains an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, selenium. Plus, sweet potato is a good source of a lot of our B and C vitamins
  • Salad ingredients such as mixed leaves, cucumber and tomato are low calorie and high in fibre which can help with feeling fuller after meals
  • Low glycemic index foods such as quinoa which can help with blood sugar stabilisation
  • Quinoa is also a key ingredient in this dish as it is a complete protein, containing all of the amino acids a body needs that it can't create on its own

Nutritional facts provided by accredited dietitian, sports dietitian and nutritionist, Claudia Cramer.